Question: Use the answer of dsolve/numeric

(I'm french, scuse me about my bad english)



Hi everyone, 


I'm new with maple and I have a big question. I tried really hard for 2 days to find the answer but... 


My problem it's really simple, i think...

this is the end of the program where is my problem:
      dsn1 := dsolve(dfin, numeric); 
      proc(x_rkf45)  ...  end;
                                   [t = 1., x(t) = 0.3028244721046047, y(t) = 3.179208505538187]
How can I reuse these answer has a var?

If I use [%2] it give me x(t)=0.302844... and not only the number
or if I ask for x(t) he said that it has now existing value... etc...
How can I get only the number for those three answer.
Thanks and have nice day
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