Question: Vector valued functions in maple


I'm trying to write a function in an 'n' dimensional vector such that I can call upon this function in a loop to define hessian matrices, or simply evaluate the function value for a given input. Here's an example:

F(x,y,z)= 6*x^2 + 3x*y^2 - 1.5*z^3

which is a function in 3 dimensions with x,y,z representing the 3 components of a design vector.

I want to be able to call upon this function in a loop such as:


for 1 from 1 to 10 do;

q1 = F evaluate at a given point (say, P(1,2,3))

H = Hessian F

Evaluate Hessian at the same point P



So far I've been unable to get how to do it in Maple, any suggestions?



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