Question: bookmarking a large module

Hi, I have created over time a module with a number of procedures that are useful for me for certain calculations.

From time to time I am adding new stuff to it. Now I find that the thing has gotten long enough that (a) I need to do a lot of scrolling and (b) I forget where exactly certain procedures are in the file.

So I was trying to put in bookmarks that e.g. could carry the names of procedures, or sections of the whole thing. But Maple refuses to put more than one bookmark into one "paragraph" and apparently considers my whole module to be one "paragraph".

I guess I don't know what maple considers one "paragraph" in this context. I do have everything orderly set apart with lots of "shift-returns" and empty lines & such. The module is one execution group, which I believe it has to be. Can I split this into Maple-"paragraphs"? How?? I'd rather not split up the file.


Mac Dude

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