Question: Poker calculator


I am having some problem with this procedure located in the "experiment" sub section.
I am trying to calculate the win probability in a poker game pre flop ie each player
get two cards. I am trying to find out which two card combination will result in the
highest probability of winning in the end.

In the first example I simply assume that player 1 gets [DA, HA] ie dimond ace
and heart ace. The win probability is then 0.79 after 500 simulations.

However when I try to generalize this my matrix M comes up empty.

The matrix looks like this:

CA    CK    CQ     ........

CK    pwin   pwin   etc

CQ    pwin   pwin   etc


It is quite complicated hence I understand if people dont have time
to look into it.

Also the theoretical probabilities would be nice to have.
I have no idea how to calculate them....

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