Question: How to solve a set of linear and nolinear equations

I have total nine equations,out of which some are linear and some of them are nonlinear.I am a new user of maple.The nine equations are

c2+vc = .34,

c2+c3 = .519,

t8+c3-c4-vc = .132,


t1-t2-c2+c3-1.334*vc = 0,


-112.5*t1+112.5*t5+300*c2^2+1000*vc = 38.25,

112.5*t1-112.5*t2-300*c2^2+300*c3-300*c3^2-2000*vc+23.4 = 0,

-112.8*t8+112.5*t2-112.5*t6+300*c4^2-300*c3+300*c3^2+1000*vc+14.85 = 0

contains t1,t2.t5,t6.t8,c2,c3,c4 and vc,means total nine unknowns i have to find ou these unknownst.Please tell me in brief how to solve such set of equations.Can we solve such set for number of equations like ten,eleven,twelve..... 

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