Question: how to calculate the transer function, plot bode and analyze fourier in maple

i am very bad at English so you ignore my mistake

i am beginning start use Maple therefore i don't know use Maple.

Like title, i have a circuit CLR with transer function H=R/(R+I*(L*w-1/(C*w)))

how to chang this expression to 1/(1+Q*I*(x-1/(x)))

with sqrt(L/C)/R andx=R*sqrt(L*C)


how to plot G = 20*log10(abs(H)) with horizontal axis: log(x)

final , how to analyse fourier a circulatory function, examaple:  f(t)=

1    (n*T <= t < (n+t/2)*T)

-1   ((n+t/2)*T <= t <(n+1)T)

with T is cycle, T=0.01


thanks all

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