Question: Can I use indexed parameters in Maple procedures?

Simple Maple procedure definition is like this:

f := proc (x, y) sin(x+y)-exp(x)*y end proc:

How can I use indexed parameter declarations, say:

f := proc (x[1], y[2]) sin(x[1]+y[2])-exp(x[1])*y[2] end proc:

where x and y are arrays of unknowns. It seems that this does not work in Maple 13.

Originally, I want to solve a set of n nonlinear equations with n unknowns W[n] using fsolve(), and the output is a set of equations, say:

{W[1]=1, W[2]=2, ..., W[n]=n}

However, I just want to get the values on the right hand side of the equations, i.e., a sequence of values (1, 2, ..., n), so that I can conveniently do further calculation on this result. It seems to me that the only way to get the output in the form of a sequence of values is to use a list of procedures as input. 

So that's why I need to define procedures using indexed parameter declarations (here W[n] in my case).  Can anyone please help me? Any comment, advice will be highly appreciated? Thanks millions!

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