Question: Where is the question saved when I create one?



1) I am new to Maple TA and would like to ask a question about question respository. I go to: Class_Homepage >> Content_Manager >> Question_Repository >> Questions >> New Question. I then creare a (multiple-choice) question. In the end I click "submit". Where are these questions stored and how can they be accessed?


When I go to the repository, I do not see any questions there. 

When I go to the assignments and try to choose a question, I do not see any questions available either.


2)My next step would be to write 10-15 questions per topic, and then have the exam take one from this pool. Is there a way to make Maple TA draw 1 question from a set of 10-15 questions?


Thanks for the help! 



I'm using Maple TA 9.0

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