Question: How to use individual solutions in "dsolve, numeric"

I'm using Maple 12 to solve a system of differential equations numerically. I first define my system as "sys1" and then use the command:

sol1 := dsolve(sys1, numeric, output = listprocedure, range = 0 .. 2000)

I'm using output=listprocedure because that's what the Maple's Help says if I want to use individual solutions. So my differential equation system has 8 solutions, and I label them a1(t) through a8(t). Now after solving the system I want to be able to evaluate, e.g., a1(t) at t=100.

I then follow the Maple's Help by defining:


But then if I do:


I don't get the expected numerical value. Instead I get a1(100) as the result.

What I managed to do however was to plot f1(t) with the following command:


So it seems that I did it partially right. However according to the Maple's Help I should be able to extract numerical values with f1(100). 

I'd appreciate any suggestions!

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