Question: ODE: Fit parameters to multiple experiments


I'm trying to fit some parameters to the data of multiple slightly different experiments.

I've written a function which returns the sums of the error for all experiments.


The function which has to be minimized does the following:

1) Set parameters for the model ODE based on the input parameters

2) calculate the difference (numeric solution of ODE <-> experimentel data)

3) repeat step 1+2 for all experiments

4) return the sum of all differences


The function works as aspected. But when I try to minimize it by calling:

I got an error:

"Error, (in dsolve/numeric/process_parameters) parameter values must evaluate to numeric, got A = A"

For some reason Maple isnt able to set the new parameters of the ODE.

Anyone got an idea how to fix this?


Thanks in advance.




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