Question: plots[display] bounding display - can it be alterred program wise?

I have a statement:

print(plots[display](seq(colr2[i],i=1..numplayers, xtickmarks=0,axes=NONE,view=[0..5*numplayers,0..1])):

which outputs a horizontal display of the various "colors" of the players, and it does so.

    However, the height of the output is quite big and makes the output look "chunky".  Inserting the option "scaling=constrained" makes the width of the output much narrower - but there is a bounding box of the output (which is not actually displayed.)  It is displayed when the mouse cursor is clicked on the display.  I was hoping the view= [..] option would provide a solution, but this does not alter the exterior bounding rectangle.

  Is there any means of modifying the dimensions of the rectangular display through Maple code?



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