Question: Why does pushing enter put my prompt at the bottom of the pasted text?

I'm a student using Maple 18.

I'm still having some navigation issues with the Maple text editor. I realize that being in "math" mode or "text" mode causes Maple to interpret an <enter> key press differently.

However when I paste in some text, I get unexpected behavior. 

My professor will assign a list of problems, and I will paste them into Maple so it looks similar to this

1.) solve math problem 1

2.) solve math problem 2



Then I go to problem one, put my cursor at the end of the line and push <enter> hoping to make some room between problem 1 and 2 for my work. When I do this, the cursor jumps to the end of the list I had just pasted into the document.

How can I insert new blank space between the listed problems? I've had the same experience pasting in from MS word or just plain notepad.

Right now the only solution I've found is to copy the listed problems into maple 1 at a time.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.



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