Question: Check that a segment is a subset of another segment

Is there in Maple a command to verify that one segment on the real axis is a subset of another segment?  For example  RealRange(2, 4)  is subset of  RealRange(2, 5)

Of course easy to write a procedure that makes it:

Subset:=proc(r1::RealRange, r2::RealRange)

local a, b, c, d;

a, c:= op~(1,[r1, r2])[];

b, d:= op~(2,[r1, r2])[];

if a>=c and b<=d then true else false fi;

end proc:


Example of use:

Subset(RealRange(2,4), RealRange(2,5));

Subset(RealRange(2,5), RealRange(2,4));




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