Question: Copy data into maple

Hi everyone,

I am trying to copy a 178x2 matrix into maple. the data is in a .dat file in two columns. For example the first few lines:

+2.000000E-10 +1.636232E-05

+3.017707E-05 +4.531920E-05

+6.065973E-05 +7.586885E-05

+9.096636E-05 +1.059570E-04

+1.208671E-04 +1.357189E-04

I want to copy these data into an array in maple. When I do a simple copy -paste, maple doesn't know the array. I know maple gets an array like:
TW:= <<0.000565|0.15582>,<0.00059|0.15911>,<0.000615|0.16231>,<0.000639|0.16544>>:
I would like to know what's the easiest way to transfer the data into maple.
Thanks a lot,
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