Question: Plotting and asymptotes

Hi all.

1. When plotting the function y=(x-1)/(x-2) on Maple 2016, the asymptote along with the actual curve is drawn as "solid lines/curves".  The asymptote should have been drawn as a dotted line to indicate that x=2 is an asymptote so as to distinguish itself from the actual curve.   This confuses my students.

2. The other question is if I modify the equation to y=1+ (x-1)/(x-2), the plot only shows the asymptote at x=2 (again, a solid line).  There should be another asymptote at y=1, which is not shown.

Can someone please advise if Maple would fix this in the next update?    If not, how should one "fix" this when graphing such functions?

Many thanks.

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