Question: Moving between stacks when debugging

If I am in the Maple debugger, stopped in a routine, how can I navigate between stack frames, such as looking at the variables of the calling function?

"outfrom" is not sufficient for this purpose as that continues execution until return, which would change the variables of the routine I am in, and could potentially take a long time. And more importantly for my particular purpose, the routine I am stopped in is a package's "I found an error" routine which is (deliberately) throwing an exception, so there will not be any return.

I can use where or where? to look at the name of the calling routines. Unfortunately, for the code I am debugging, the calling routine is being dynamically loaded so I do not have a file name for it and I cannot put a persistent breakpoint in it: I need to climb the tree of dynamic calls with their various parameters in order to figure out how the error occured.

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