Question: Does mtaylor ignore "assuming"?

I have the following expression (generated by some other procedure):

This does not have a taylor expansion in pV[6] in the general case because the square roots can become negative:

Error, does not have a taylor expansion, try series()

But I can get an expansion by restrictig the range of pV[6]:

taylor(xpr,pV[6]) assuming -0.01<pV[6],pV[6]<0.01;

So far things are perfectly fine. But when I try mtaylor:

mtaylor(xpr,pV[6]) assuming -0.01<pV[6],pV[6]<0.01;
Error, (in assuming) when calling 'mtaylor'. Received: 'does not have a taylor expansion, try series()'

So the assumption seems to be ignored. I can work around this by expanding in pV[6] first, using taylor, and then expanding the result from that using mtaylor (I really also want the expansions in the other pV components; 6 in total although in this example some do not show up). I'll have to convince myself that this work-around gives the correct result but I think it does. However, I don't particularly like it.

I consider this a bug and am tempted to submit an SCR. But before I do that; is there anything obvious I am missing here?



PS: This was done using Maple 15. I'll check newer versions later.

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