Question: Real solution x of equation y=x^3

Hello people in mapleprimes,


I tried to solve y=x^3 for x, expecting of getting a result of x^(1/3),

through using restart;assume(x::real,y::real);

But, the result was:

Warning, solve may be ignoring assumptions on the input variables.
             (1/3)    1  (1/3)   1    (1/2)  (1/3)  
            y     , - - y      + - I 3      y     ,
                      2          2                  

                1  (1/3)   1    (1/2)  (1/3)
              - - y      - - I 3      y     
                2          2                


It means that solve couldn't use the assumption of x and y being real.

On the other hand, reading RealDomain package, y^(1/3) is returned properly:



What I want to ask you is

Aren't there ways other than using the RealDomain package, to obtain the solution of y^(1/3)?


I will be very glad if you give me answers.


Best wishes.


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