Question: Polynomial simplification

I am trying to simplify the following polynomial.

> R1 := collect(((3*d1^2-2*d1-d1^3)*r-3*d1^2+d1^3+2*d1)*R^3+((-6*d1+7*d1^2-d1^3)*r^2+(d1-d1^3-3*d1^2+2)*r)*R^2+((-6*d1+6*d1^2)*r^3+(-4*d1^3+6-7*d1+2*d1^2)*r^2)*R+(2*d1^2-2*d1)*r^4+(-2*d1^2-4*d1+4)*r^3,[R,r,d],recursive);


With the "collect along with rucursive" unable to give compact version. In the above polynomial most of the bracket terms will have factors([3*d1^2-2*d1-d1^3]=-d1*(d1-1)*(d1-2)), but the collect command unable give these factors, doing such manual simplification in bigger polynomial case is complex. Is there any way to represent above polynomial in compact form.


Thanking you in advance.





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