Question: Precomputing data for animation

I'm trying to make 3D-animation and the procedure takes an enormous amount of time to make frames for it. It took over 10 minutes to create animation consisting of 50 frames (over t=0..1000). If I increase the number of frames or range of time, it just wouldn't reach the end of calculation (keeps evaluating till I lose patience or my faith in Maple)

Is there a way to somehow precompute data for animation (maybe store it somewhere) so that it could gather it from there and the animation construction itself would be faster?

Here's the code: (animation is in the end of the file)

P.S. I have Asus X555LJ; Intel Core i5-5200U, 2.2GHz; 12Gb RAM, for the last few months it presented itself as a rather fast piece of machinery. 

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