Question: Resolving coefficients to a 2nd order diff eq discrepancy

I resolved the coefficients to a 2nd order diff eq of the form:ay''+by'+cy=f(t)

I have included the .mw file for convenience at the link at the bottom of the page.  I resolved the coefficients in 2 different ways & they do not concur.  The 1st approach used the LaPlace transform & partial fraction decomposition.  The coefficient results are given by equations # 14 & 15.  The 2nd approach used undetermined coefficients where I assumed the particular solution and then applied the initial conditions to resolve the coefficients pertaining to the homogeneous solution which are given in the results listed in equation #23.  Noted in the 1st case the coeff's are A3 & A4 and for the 2nd approach the coeff's are A1 & A2.  I have worked this numerous times & do not understand why they do not concur.  So I thought I should get some fresh eyes on the problem to find where I may have gone wrong.

Any new perspective will be greatly apprecieated.

I had trouble uploading the .mw file so I have included an alternative link to retrieve the file if the code contents is illegible or you cannot dowlad the file drectly from the weblink  Download  You should be able to download from the alternative link below once you paste the link into your browser.  If you cannot & wish for me to provide the file in some other fashion respond with some specific instructions & I will attempt to get the file to you.

Thanks 4 any help you can provide.


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