Question: Returning Pointer from C dll using define_external

Dear All, 

I am trying to use define_external to use a C dll from inside MAPLE. The C dll exports a function that has a argument of type function pointer which has a return type of pointer. The function itself returns pointers.  

Pointers are needed as return types as the C function needs to return arrays. 

When I try to pass the C function, as maple procedure as the argument, it errs saying "Error, (in rk4_vec) number expected for float[8] parameter, got proc () option remember; table( [( 1 ) = HFloat(1.0), ( 2 ) = HFloat(-0.0) ] ) 'procname(args)' end proc"

rk4_vec is as follows: 

rk4_vec := define_external("rk4vec", 't0' :: float[8], 'm' :: integer[4], 'u0' :: ARRAY(1..2,datatype=float[8]), 'dt' :: float[8], 'f' :: PROC('t' :: float[8], 'm' :: integer[4], 'u' :: ARRAY(1..2,datatype=float[8]), 'RETURN' :: REF(float[8])), 'RETURN' ::REF(float[8]), "WRAPPER", LIB="rk4.dll");

rk4vec in C looks like this: 

double *rk4vec ( double t0, int m, double u0[], double dt, 
  double *f ( double t, int m, double u[] ) )

I am passing as :

rk4vec_test_f := proc(t, n, u)
local uprime :: REF(float[8]);
#uprime := Array(n);
uprime(1) := u(2);
uprime(2) := -u(1);
return uprime;
end proc;

I have tried the RETURN type on the define_external call as : float[8], ARRAY(1..2, datatype=float[8]) , but that didnt work either. I got the idea of using REF from times2 example on this link.

Any guidance in this matter is highly appreciated. 

Attached are the C file, the dll, maple worksheet. Tested on Windows, with 64-bit, Maple 2016 standard.


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