Question: How can I get a point in list of point to write an equation of a plane?

I want to write a plane passing through a point (in list) and parallel to a plane.

L := [[-14, 2, 3], [-13, -3, 1], [-13, -3, 5], [-13, 0, -2]]:
point(A, L[1]):
 plane(P, 2*x+3*y+z = 0, [x, y, z]):
 n := NormalVector(P):
Equation(plane(Q, [A, n], [x, y, z]));

I tried 
t[i] := ([seq])(point(M, pt[]), pt in L):
Equation( plane(Q,t[i],n],[x,y,z]),i=1..nops(L));

It is not true. How can I repair it?

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