Question: how to define function and evaluate these function in a function

emal := proc(zipeq,abc1param,abc2param,abc3param,abc4param,abc5param)
source1 := Prefix(zipeq);
source2 := subs(s=abc5param,subs(v=abc4param,subs(u=abc3param,subs(t=abc2param,subs(a=abc1param,source1))))):
zipplus := proc(mm, pp)
 return zip((x,y) -> x+y, mm, pp)
end proc:
zipstar := proc(mm, pp)
 return zip((x,y) -> x*y, mm, pp)
end proc:
return eval(source2);
end proc:

would like to do the Prefix first and then eval the prefix later but do not expect do define zipstar and zippplus in global

just want to eval this Prefix which is formula of zipstar and zipplus function


above result same as print(source2), but eval in return , it have not evaluate, why?

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