Question: Why is the plot not continuous ?

Hi everybody, 

I have a continuous function f of a single variable (all the details can be found in the attached file) and I want to build a more regular approximation of it (let's say F). The construction process ensures that F is C-infinite.

When I plot f and F (command "plot"), for visual comparisons, the F curve presents "holes", that is intervals where there is no plot.
However, the value of F(x) for any x in those void ranges is a real just as F(y) is for any y in a plotted interval.

Note that this phenomenon does not appear  when I use PLOT(CURVES(...)) for F (attached file)

I guess I probably use "plot" in a wrong way, or maybe some option I don't know
 could prevent it to happen ?

Could you please have a look to the attached file ?
I look forward for your response. 

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