Question: does one need to be connected to the internet to use Maple on the PC?

I have an update below

I am student, and bought Maple student version 2017 and went through verification and activation with no probems and been using Maple for number of days.

But few days ago, I disconnected my internet service provider, and so now I have no access to the internet from my home PC where I installed Maple (I am writing this from  library)

Now at home, when I start Maple, I get a message saying that my licence will expire in 10 or 9  days or so. I do not understand this messge. Why it comes up now and did not come up before when I had internet access? 

Does one need to be connected to the internet all the time to use Maple? What if one does not have internet access?

I did remove one monitor from my PC also. Do you think Maple detected change in PC (one less monitor) and now it thinks this is new PC? But this makes no sense.

How do I tell Maple I have activated my Maple if I do not have internet access?


After installing Maple 2017.1, now each time I disconnect from the internet, I am not able to start Maple !  I get this error


When I connect to the internet and try again, Maple comes up OK and it works. (it does NOT ask me to activate). I have allready activated OK before. This message only comes up when I am not connected to the internet.

This tells me Maple is trying to connect to the internet each time for some reason to verify my installation? But when if I do not want to be connected to the internet and still use Maple?

I never installed beta Maple or anything like this before. What to do to make Maple start without being connected to the internet? I did not change my PC.



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