Question: How to display an unevaluated cross product like R x V with the LinearAlgebra package in Maple?

I am using the LinearAlgebra package to do dynamics between a rotating Cartesian coordinate system and a fixed Cartesian coordinate system. The VectorCalculus package is not what I need. 

Since I can't seem to get my test worksheet to paste into this post, I will manually enter an "approximation" to it. I assume that the notation [x, y, z] represents a column vector. I also assume that x represents the cross product operator from the operator pallete. 

I just want to get any one of the three ways of doing a vector cross product (see below) to simply display in math notation as R x V. What I get from the three methods below for an unevaluated cross product is "ugly".

Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.

> restart

> with(LinearAlgebra):

> R := Vector(3, [x, y, z])

                                                 R := [x, y, z]

> V := Vector(3, [u, v, w])

                                                 V := [u, v, w]

>R x V

                                                [-vz + wy, uz - wx, -uy + vx]

>'R x V'


>CrossProduct(R, V)

                                               [-vz + wy, uz - wx, -uy + vx]



> R &x V

                                               [-vz + wy, uz - wx, -uy + vx]

'R &x V'


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