Question: Inverse series, solve and RootOf

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1. series() shows some strange dependence on the session history, the first call breaking subsequent computations. Also, for F(x, y), the zeroth term is RootOf(F(0, _Z)), even though 1 is the only solution, but for G(x, y), RootOf(G(0, _Z)) is evaluated to 1, even though 1 is not the only solution:

F := (x, y) -> ln((1+x)*y)+exp(x^2*y^2)-x-cos(x):
G := (x, y) -> ln((1+x)*y)+exp(x^2+y-1)-x-cos(x):

series(RootOf(G(x, y), y), x = 0, 5);

series(RootOf(G(x, y), y), x = 0, 6);
Error, (in series/RootOf) unable to compute series

series(RootOf(G(x, y), y), x = 0, 6);

series(RootOf(F(x, y), y), x = 0, 1);
                         RootOf(ln(_Z)) + O(x)

2. For some reason solve hangs the first time, then returns a result quickly, and apparently doesn't go along well with simplify, because the last output contains an escaped local variable ans. Besides, I'm not sure why solve generates a huge answer. Is it expanding something to a high order? I was expecting just RootOf(_Z+tan(_Z))+O(x).

ser := series(y+tan(y)+x, x = 0, 1);

iser := timelimit(30, solve(ser, y)): # appears to run indefinitely without timelimit
Error, (in ArrayTools:-NumElems) time expired

iser := solve(ser, y): # returns immediately

evalf(iser); # OK

evalf(simplify(iser)); # less OK
       .1250000000*(eval(RootOf(_Z+tan(_Z)), [RootOf = ans, tan(_Z) = sin(_Z)/cos(_Z)]))+O(x)

This is in Maple 2017.3.

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