Question: Typesetting:-delayDotProduct

hi every one

 im new in maple, i have this problem , the output result (nod) dont disply after the for loop how can i disply it ?( sorry for this question, im new in this prog.)

the 2nd question is the (Typesetting:-delayDotProduct) how can i resolve this???

plz help 


for i from 2 to 3 do for j from 2 to 3 do Typesetting[delayDotProduct](rod, [i, j], true) := s*imp*l*i*f*y*subs*({cx^2 = 1-cy^2-cz^2}, Typesetting[delayDotProduct](rod, [i, j], true)) end do end do;
Typesetting[delayDotProduct](rod, [1, 1], true) := collect(rod[1, 1], cos(theta));


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