Question: How to print complex numbers - just some comments please

Since thinking over my question I have actually answered it! I'd just appreciate some comments regards some finer points.  I was initially trying to print out a complex number, and I see in Maple Primes that Joe Riel answered a similar question in Dec 2011  viz

printf"%5.3Z\n",5+3I);  outputs

5.000+ 3.000I

    The documentation in Maple 7 did not give any examples of printing a complex number, and it talked of using z or Z together with a 'c'.  Initially I thought the c was a reference to complex numbers - but after trial and error I finall figured it stood for character.   In the code below I have reinstated the c between the  z and f.  I wanted the output withour the c, and finally removed it - but leaving one space.  (More than one space returns a syntax error.)   My next question was how to find the real and imaginary parts - which I've answered in the code.

    I'm just wondering if the f in zcf is superfluous?  Also, the documentation in Maple 7 seems to make out there are differences between upper and lower case z?  Any comments gratefully received







printf("%zcf   %6.5f  %6.5f\n",zz, a, b);


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