Question: attempting to load large maple worksheet - freezes maple

Came across this issue again.  While working within a worksheet, everything seems fine, using commands like imagetools outputing bmp files etc.  I had to, in the the Options->Precision, uncheck limit expression length to 1000000 during my session.  I saved it multiple times, however and unfortunately did not save as seperate versions, so I was left with one file.

The file size ended up being 64Mb.  The problem is trying to load it into Maple, everytime I try to load the worksheet my computer seems to freeze (laptop, 4Gb RAM, windows 7 64 bit, Maple 2017) I check task manager and my javaw.exe file is consuming 3.7Gb of memory!  So that's why it's locking up. 

I've tried multiple times to open the file and utilmately end up pressing and holding the power button to restart my system. 


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