Question: can Maple solve the Burger's PDE for viscous fluid flow with this initial condition?

I am having trouble getting Maple 2017.3 with latest Physics update to give solution to Burger's PDE for viscous fluid flow with the following initial condition. May be I am not doing something right. I tried different HINTS, but no luck.

Maple can solve the PDE without the initial conditions.

May be a Maple expert can find work around or show what I might be doing wrong.

pde := diff(u(x, t), t) + u(x, t)*diff(u(x, t), x) = mu*diff(u(x,t),x$2);
ic  := u(x,0) = PIECEWISE([0,x>=0],[1,x<0]);
sol := pdsolve({pde,ic}, u(x, t)) assuming mu>0;

Maple returns () as solution.

This PDE can be solved analytically. Here is Mathematica' solution

pde = D[u[x,t],{t}]+u[x,t]*D[u[x,t],{x}]==mu*D[u[x,t],{x,2}];
ic  = u[x,0]==Piecewise[{{1,x<0},{0,x>=1}}];
sol = DSolve[{pde,ic},u[x,t],{x,t},Assumptions->mu>0]



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