Question: can pdsolve solve this basic heat PDE in 1D with time dependent boundary condition?

Maple 2018.

I am surprised Maple pdsolve can't solve this basic heat PDE. it is heat PDE on bar, with left end boundary condition being time dependent is only difference from basic heat PDE's on a bar.

May be a Maple expert can find a work around? I tried all the HINTS I know about.

#infolevel[pdsolve] := 3:
sol:=pdsolve([pde,bc,ic],u(x,t)) assuming t>0 and x>0;


I also hope this question of mine do not get deleted as well, like the question I posted last night asking why pdsolve ignores assumptions that showed number of examples, was deleted few hrs after I posted it. 

If this question gets deleted, I will get the message that posts showing any problem in Maple software are not welcome here by Maplesoft and I will stop coming here.


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