Question: How to write the procedure RungeKutta(f, a, b, alpha, n) which use the Kutta (Order Four) method

For my differential equations class we have to input the following problem into Maple, I've never used maple before and I was wondering if someone who is experienced with maple could help me out with the code to put into Maple. Thanks I appreciate it!


Using the Maple program, Write the procedure RungeKutta(f, a, b, aplpha, n) which use the improved Euler's method to approximate the solution of the initial-value problem y'=f(t,y), a\leqt\leqb, y(a)= alpha at (n+1) equally spaced numbers in the interval [a,b]

The input parameters are as follow:

f is the name of the function f(t,y);

a and b are the end points of the interval of integration;

alpha is the initial condition.

The output: array w is the approximation of y at the (n+1) values of t.

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