Question: batch file and directory

Hello people in mapleprimes,
I have two files: a batchfile named test.command, and a mpl file,
both in <<my home directory>>.

And, the codes written there are, for the test.command,

/Library/Frameworks/Maple.framework/Versions/2017/bin/maple test.mpl > output.txt

And, for the mpl file,


The test.command was made executable with chmod u+x  test.command, in advance.

From my home directory, I can run the test.command, and obtain output.txt with the result of the calculation of 
the mpl file. The above things have no problem. 

My question is a following.

When I moved the two files, the batch file and the mpl file, to /Users/myname/Desktop/maple_test, 
I cannot get maple to exhaust the appropriate output.txt but an error message, saying it could not read the mpl file.
What should be done to the contents of two files?

I hope you will teach me about this.

Thanks in advance.





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