Question: basic questions on MapleCloud packages and how to manage them.

These are some basic questions on using packages from Maple Cloud. I only used it once or twice so far.

When I click on the "cloud" icon, on top right corner of the menu, I see on the left panel "Math apps" then below it "packages" and then below it is says "installed".

When I click on "installed", I see one package that I installed sometime ago.

1) How does one uninstall a package listed in the "installed" list? I see no option to do this.

2) How does one know if the "installed" package needs to be updated or not? And if so, how does one updated it? 

3) In the "packages" list, I see "physics Updates".  Now,  I did install this earlier (1-2 weeks ago). Then why is it not listed also under the "installed" list? And how does one know if they have installed a package that shows in the "packages" list?

There is no marker or anything there to tell one they have installed it or not.  Is one supposed to go look in the "installed" list to manually check if they installed it or not?

4)What happens if one install a package/app they have installed before. Will the new package overwrite the older version automatically?

5) It seems packages installed go to some temporary folder. Is there a way to configure it, so that all packages installed go to some other user defined folder. This way, if one moves to a new PC or such, they do not lose all the packages they have installed? 

It seems these basic functionalities are missing: 1. option to uninstall a package. 2. Marker of some kind to tell one if they installed something listed in the "packages" list. 3. Marker to tell one if a package they have installed needs to be updated if there is a newer version on the cloud.

Only options I see are: Install, view, share link and search. That is all. All the above also applies to "Math apps".

Using Maple 2018 on windows.

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