Question: Write expression in term of other expression

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Hope you would be fine. In the following maple code, I want to write the derivative of psi in term of psi like it did manually in red portion. For higher M and k it very hard to do it manully. It there any command to fix my problem for any value of k and M.

restart; k := 2; M := 4;

with(linalg); with(LinearAlgebra);

printlevel := 2;

for i while i <= 2^(k-1) do

for j from 0 while j <= M-1 do

psi[M*i+j-M+1] := simplify(2^((1/2)*k)*sqrt(GAMMA(j+1)*(j+alpha)*GAMMA(alpha)^2/(Pi*2^(1-2*alpha)*GAMMA(j+2*alpha)))*(sum((-1)^i1*GAMMA(j-i1+alpha)*(2*(2^k*x-2*i1+1))^(j-2*i1)/(GAMMA(alpha)*factorial(i1)*factorial(j-2*i1)), i1 = 0 .. floor((1/2)*j))));

`&psi;&psi;`[M*i+j-M+1] := simplify(diff(psi[M*i+j-M+1], x))

end do

end do; r := 2^(k-1)*M;

VV := Vector[column](r, proc (i) options operator, arrow; psi[i] end proc);

DV := Vector[column](r, proc (i) options operator, arrow; `&psi;&psi;`[i] end proc);

``&psi;&psi;`[2] := 8*sqrt((alpha+1)*(1/2))*sqrt(2)*sqrt(alpha*GAMMA(alpha)^2*4^alpha/GAMMA(2*alpha))/sqrt(Pi) = 8*sqrt((alpha+1)*(1/2))*psi[1];

`&psi;&psi;`[3] := 16*sqrt((2+alpha)*(alpha+1)/(1+2*alpha))/sqrt(2)*(2*sqrt(2)*sqrt((alpha+1)*GAMMA(alpha)^2*4^alpha/GAMMA(1+2*alpha))*alpha*(4*x+1)/sqrt(Pi)) = 16*sqrt((2+alpha)*(alpha+1)/(1+2*alpha))*psi[2]/sqrt(2)

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