Question: How to obtain the Version number of the Physics package?

On the maple cloud, I see that current version is 38 for Physics 

After I installed, I typed


It gives 
  "......\maple\toolbox\2018\Physics Updates\lib\Physics Updates.maple", 2018, May 8, 17:49 hours

I was expecting to see "38".  Why does Physics:-Version(); does not give the version number as shown on Maple cloud? Using only a date for a version number is not a good idea. There should be a number there. (date can also be included, but a number should be the official version number).

Is there another command to use to obtain Version number "38"?

Does each package shown on cloud support packageName:-Version()? I tried this command on another package I have, but I got an error saying it does not Version() 

Error, Version is not a command in the OrthogonalExpansions package

Yet, on cloud, it says the version number is "1" for the above package. What does the version number shown on the cloud then really mean?

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