Question: Maple 2018 throwing 'Invalid specification of initial conditions' in old worksheet.

Hi All,

I recently switched from Maple 18 to Maple 2018. I was trying to execute and old worksheet created with Maple 18 in which a DAE have to be solved numerically. In Maple 18 the worksheet works flawlessly whereas Maple 2018 throws 'Error, (in dsolve/numeric/process_input) invalid specification of initial conditions...'

Initial conditions are given in the form {x1(0) = 1, x2(0) = 2, D(x1)(0) = 1, D(x2)(0) = 0 ....} and are the same in both cases ( I merely executed without any modification the same worksheet in the two Maple versions).

I feel I've missed out something in the changelog... any idea on what is happening?

PS. call to dsolve

dsolve(dsys_numeric, numeric, implicit = true, stiff = true, optimize = true, compile = true):



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