Question: basic question on use of private proc inside module

I am learning to use module().  If one has a local private proc() inside  a module, then on calling this local proc from inside the module itself, does one need to call it using module_name:-local_proc() or is it safe  to just call it using local_proc()?

i.e. will Maple always look to resolve this name inside the module first, before looking outside? What order Maple uses to resolve names? 

Here is an example

private_proc:= proc()
    print("Opps, should not be calling this, global copy");
end proc;

foo :=module()
    local private_proc;
    export public_proc;

        print("inside private");
    end proc;

   public_proc:= proc()
        private_proc(); #will this always call foo:-private_proc() and not
                        #any other global proc with that name?                 
   end proc;

end module;


gives "inside private". So it seems to work without having to use foo:-private_proc(). But I thought to ask if the above will always work like this. 

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