Question: `quit` (12); done; stop; How to stop a program in Maple 7? Read WARNING first.

I am in the process of rewriting a long program so that it invokes procs.  After each proc I write I want to test the proc, so am not interested in any further output.  So in the code I entered `quit` (12);  - which I obtained from the Maple 7 Help documentation.  ...and possibly for good measure:  done;   The system crashed and I had to start again.   I have looked on the MaplePrimes documentation.  There are a couple of posts which treat this as an amusement.  eg

subs(_=sscanf(D,%m)[],proc() _end)();   which I haven't been game to try yet.

  I am curious about the number 12.  In the Maple 7 documentation the output is meant to give some useful information regards bytes used, allocation, & time taken.  Maple 7 documentation says that the number between parentheses should be an nteger in the  range 0..255.  Does varying this number make any difference?

WARNING!  Running the following program could crash your system.  Save any work before trying it.

restart:  `quit` (12);

   I'm curious to know what that does on later versions.  I'm running Maple 7 on Windows 7, so I suspect some incompatibility.

Any comments, advice gratefully received.  David

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