Question: how to use .hdb Maple help file. Trying to find help on Algolib

I downloaded alglib from

Downloaded the .mla and the .hdb files. Put them in current directory where my worksheet .mw is.

Opened the .mw and typed

libname := currentdir(), libname;

Content of algolib (version 14.0), as of October 2010:

+ encyclopedia.            [Written by Stéphanie Petit, with contributions by Bruno Salvy and Michèle Soria.]
+ gdev.                [Written by Bruno Salvy.]
+ gfun (version 3.53).        [Maintained and extended by Bruno Salvy, with contributions by Ludovic Meunier, Marc Mezzarobba, Marni Mishna, and Eithne Murray, original version by Bruno Salvy and Paul Zimmermann.]
+ Holonomy (version 3.4).    [Written by Frédéric Chyzak.]
+ MAD (version 1.445).        [Written by Ludovic Meunier.]
+ Mgfun (version 4.1).        [Written by Frédéric Chyzak, with contributions by Shaoshi Chen, Cyril Germa, Lucien Pech, and Ziming Li.]
+ MultiSeries.            [Written by Bruno Salvy.]
+ regexpcount (version 1.5).    [Written by Pierre Nicodème.]

Ok. Now how to obtain help? I can call one of its functions, like this




But I do not know how to find help on MADLaTeX:-latex since ?MADLaTeX does nothing and ?MADLaTeX:-latex does nothing. 

How to obtain the help pages for this package? I looked online and do not see anything. I do not know what to do with the .hdb file that I downloaded. I am using Maple 2018 and it does not seem to support .hdb files anyway. 

Does I need to go through all the conversion steps described in

just to see help on one function? 

I just need to find how to call is Latex function and if it has any options. Any one knows an online page that have these on it?

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