Question: how to do AllTrue(list, condition) in Maple?

I want to check that all entries in a list are of some value. Say 0. (or in general, if all entries satisfy some condition).

So, If any entry is not zero, then it returns false. It returns true only if all elements meet this conditions.

What would be the right way to do this in Maple? I know I could write a loop. But I am asking if there is a build-in function in Maple. Here is an example

sol:= dsolve(ode,y(x)):

                       check := [0, 0]

I want to check that all entries in check are zero. This tells me all my solution are correct.

I can't use member(check,0) since this only check if at least one entry is zero. I want to chek that all entries are zero.

In Mathematica, it has AllTrue function. Like this

check = {0, 0, 0};
AllTrue[check, # == 0 &]


The "#==0&"  is the test to do. It uses this test on each element automatically. If all satisfy this test, then it returns true.

Again, I can easily write a small function in Maple to do this,

alltrue :=proc(arr,value)
    local z;
    for z in arr do
        if z<>value then
end proc:

alltrue(check,0) return true.

But I am asking if there is a build-in such function similar to the above one in Mathematica, which accepts a more general test function to use.

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