Question: How to check if expression contain a radical expression in it?

I need to know if an expression contain a radical in it. For example, expr:=1/x*sqrt(x*y)  or expr:=3*(x*y)^(2/3)+5; or expr := sqrt(5), etc.. all these will return true, but for expr:=3+sin(x) it will return false.

I need to find if the expression has radical, becuase then I want to do special simplify if that is the case.

I do not want to use pattern matching, since the expression can be complicated, and thought to ask if there might be a simpler way, one of those hidden Maple commands which can do it.

I looked at  "has", "hasfun". with(PolynomialIdeals) has function IsRadical but it is only for polynomials.

Is there a way other than using patmatch?  

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