Question: Errors using solve with Inequalities

Are these errors to be expected? Why do they happen?

solve({x<>10, -infinity<x , x<infinity, -infinity<y , y<infinity},{x,y});

Error, (in solver) invalid input: SolveTools:-Inequality:-LinearUnivariateSystem expects its 1st argument, eqns, to be of type ({list, set})({`<`, `<=`, `=`}), but received {x <> -infinity, x < 10}

But it works when replacing x<>10 by y<>10

solve({y<>10,-infinity<x , x<infinity, -infinity<y , y<infinity},{x,y});

            {10 < y, x < infinity, y < infinity, -infinity < x}, {y <> -infinity, x < infinity, y < 10, -infinity < x}

What is the difference in the above two?

It also work when replacing x<>10 by x=10

solve({x=10, -infinity<x, x<infinity, -infinity<y , y<infinity},{x,y});
               {x = 10, y < infinity, -infinity < y}

It also works when removing the y parts by keeping x<>10

solve({x<>10, -infinity<x , x<infinity},{x,y});
           {y = y, 10 < x, x < infinity}, {y = y, x < 10, -infinity < x}

it also works when removing x<>10 and putting back the y stuff

solve({-infinity<x , x<infinity, -infinity<y , y<infinity},{x,y});
              {x < infinity, y < infinity, -infinity < x, -infinity < y}

Why Maple gives an error for some cases and not the others?

Maple 2018.1

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