Question: How do I get output diplayed with 4 significant digits in Maple 2018

Hello all

I am teaching engineering and I use Maple to make handouts with solutions to assignments.

In Maple 2017 I used interface(displayprecision=4) to make maple it display all outputs with 4 significant digits.

Just to be clear:

If the actual value is 123.456789, then interface(displayprecision=4) makes it display 123.5 in Maple 2017. This is just how I want it.

If the actual value is 1.23456789, the interface(displayprecision=4) makes it diplay 1.235 in Maple 2017. Again, this is perfect, just how I (and most engineers) like it.

Now I have installed Maple 2018 and now interface(displayprecision=4) means 4 decimal points rather than significant digits.


123.456789 => 123.4568 in Maple 2018

1.23456789 => 1.2346  in Maple 2018

This is NOT what I want.

Digits or, say, evalf[4] will not work as a fix, as I only want the DISPLAYED value to have 4 significant digits, I want the entire value used in calculations.

I am told (by Carl Love, thank you Carl) that displayprecision=4 means 4 decimal points in most versions of Maple, but I do need 4 significant digits.

Is there a fix in Maple 2018? Something that will make all output values display with 4 significant digits?

I am considering re-installing Maple 2017 and reverting to it, it turns out to be a huge work to format each output value.

I hope someone can help me, thank you in advance.

Regards, raskr




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