Question: Why Grid:-Map copies one computation for other parallel computations?!!

We know that Grid:-Map(x->f(x),[x1..xn]) is for parallel computing f(xi)'s but when some xi's are equal I think Maple copies one result for the others. But maybe my function f has some random sampling inside and so will have different output for same inputs. So I need to do parallel computations for same inputs without cheating of copying the result of one for the rest. For a very simple case that Maple copies while it is wrong to copy, see the following.

I will be happy if someone tells me how to solve this issue. Thanks.

More surprising to me is that if I try to use different xi's and then typing same xi's, I will see some new patterns of copying. 

For example in output (3) and (4), first random point of one parallel computation is the second random point of another computation. Or in output (6) only the two last computations are copy of each other!


I may need to add that I did this computations on a computer with 4 core processor. Is Maple producing random numbers using something like processor's time? Or something like this?
I can't report Maple computations if they don't really produce random points independently in seperate parallel computations.

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