Question: Find all values of b, such that s is a linearly independent set. (Linear Algebra)

Hello, I just started working in Maple and I am struggling with a question that I found in my book. The question goes as follows:

Consider the set of vectors T = {v1, v2, v3​​​​, v4} in ℝwith

v= (2,5,-2,0), v2 = (-2,-4,b,4), v3 = (-1,2,-2,-5), v= (b,2,5,3)

Find all values of b, such that T is a linearly independent set

I am supposed to first solve it by hand and then in maple. I can solve it by hand but I have no clue how to do it in maple.The only thing I've done so far is create a matrix that contains the vectors in the set S as column entries.

I know that the columns of A are linearly independent if  det A ≠ 0. This is where my near non-existent knowledge in Maple stops me...

The answer is for all {2}

I appreciate any tips...



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