Question: Need help with Linear Transformations, standard matrices and more in Maple (Linear Algebra)

Hello again, I posted a thread here earlier and received some great responses. I've made some progress in Maple since then but once again I've ended up on a question where I am completely stuck. I am only meant to solve this one in maple as the answer is written below the question. The question is:

I realise this is alot to ask for but I'm studying from afar and I don't have as many options for help as other students at the moment. I have managed to solve a), and I know how to solve b) the traditional way (pen and paper), but I have no idea how to do it in maple. My solution for a) is attached below. c) and d) strictly rely on the answer from b) so I'd greatly appreciate if I could have some help with it so I atleast could attempt the others on my own. This is the final question I have so once I'm done with this I'll pretty much be a master Maple... or not.. :P

I have commented the maple document so it is easier to understand what I've done and what I want help with. Also, I very much apologise if something that I write don't make sense, English is not my native language.




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