Question: Numerical integration of an truncated series consisiting 100 terms

Dear Users,

I have difficulty in finding numerical integration of a function f(r,t) which is a function of position r and time t. Function f(r,t) consists 100 terms (for example : BesselJ(0, 151.5793716314014*r)+BesselJ(0, 151.5793716314014*r)*r^2+......100 terms). For a particular time t=t1, f(r,t1) is calculated and then integrated as follows:

I am using evalf(Int(f(r,t1),r=0..1)

Maple takes a lot of time  to evaluate it as it is integrating it in one shot!  Is there a way to

a) pick the terms individually and integrate it

b) then sum these individual terms up together

c) How reliable is evalf(int(f(r,t1),r=0..1)) is? Is evalf (Int()..)  the best way to evaluate integration?


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